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Service Attendant
Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for helping us have a very successful 2013. Service Attendant was a key component for meeting our regulatory requirements for repair documentation and continues to provide the critical work order detail required for our ISO13485 certification."
- Carestream Health Inc. -

"The bottom line here is that your program is great and the changes you guys have made clearly marks how serious you are about service management software. That truly credits your company. I've been looking for a system like this for the last five years with no result...that's why I'm so taken by Service Attendant."
- Ernies Audio Visual -

"Since our first inquiry, many years ago, through to our continued dealings, Cyber Cove Solutions has been second to none in customer, and product support. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Service Attendant to anyone seeking a sales and service management software program. It is rare to find a company so dedicated to keeping their customers "up to date" with an easy to use, and inexpensive program that simply does what it is supposed to do -- every time!"
- General Appliance Centre -

"We have used Service Attendant to manage our electronics repair shop since 2001. It has proven to be an excellent program with fast response and functions that satisfy the needs of our business, especially version 4.0. It is one of the best software products I have seen and Cyber Cove backs it up with excellent technical support."
- Japan Video Service Ltd. -

"We have been using Service Attendant software and find it to be a very good service management program for the appliance industry. The technical support provided by Cyber Cove Solutions has been great. We always get a prompt response to our inquiries and practical solutions to any problems we encounter. We would recommend Service Attendant to anyone."
- Kelowna Refrigeration -

"Service Attendant has proven to be an excellent and cost effective tool for our organization. I would highly recommend it to any service and repair center, regardless of size. This repair shop software program puts money in our bottom line."
- Rayjac Electronics -

"We started using Service Attendant software 10 years ago to manage sales, service and inventory for our warranty and non warranty appliance repair centre. Service Attendant has been absolutely wonderful to use. The sales module allows us to keep complete and accurate records of all of our customers and everything they have purchased from us. The service module shows us every repair we have done on an appliance, allowing us to search by many different options; like model #, serial # and so many other choices. The inventory module is awesome. It shows when we last sold an inventory item and whether it was for a sale over the counter or we used it to repair an appliance. It also allows us to record when each appliance serial number was purchased and sold. We employ new summer staff every year and everyone finds the program very user friendly and easy to use. Cyber Cove stays on top of constantly updating their program to make things more up to date for today's needs with everything being done on-line and via e-mails. They are also extremely accommodating when working with customer's needs and wishes in all of their software updates. Thanks go to Jon Vardy for all of the consistently excellent advice we receive every time it's been needed."
- Sunset Maytag -

"Thank you for Service Attendant repair order software by Cyber Cove Solutions Inc. It is really excellent! Service Attendant provides a professional and unbiased standard that the industry relies on for making operations easier. In addition, the software is user friendly and is updated regularly. Thank you once again for your contribution to the industry."
- Syltech Electronique -

"My thanks to Jon Vardy for introducing Service Attendant repair order software to our company. The software is easily networked and makes our lives a lot easier when preparing invoices, sales and other accounting functions. I very strongly recommended this software to any kind of business."
- The Fax Engineer -

"I have been using Service Attendant for the last three years and find it to be very user friendly. I find that SA provides everything we need to operate our company. I am especially happy with the inventory module. One of the problems we used to have was tracking parts and cores in general. I recently had an audit on parts and we were able to provide 100% tracking information for all cores and parts sent back for credit. Needless to say it saved our pork. With all the constant updating and enhancements SA remains one of the industries top software companies.
- The Repair Group Inc. -

"We have been using Service Attendant for 11 years now. The software is the best we have found for a service based business. The program is easy to use and the multiple report features are very beneficial. Support is always available and issues are dealt with promptly. We have recommended this program in the past and will continue to do so in the future."
- Top Tech Electronics Inc. -

"We are very happy using Service Attendant repair shop software. It is a valuable tool which organizes our business, allowing us to follow the different stages of the service process from beginning to end. We also appreciate very much your technical support and patience."
- Tritec Electronics -

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