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QuickBooks and Simply Accounting (Sage 50)
Over the years we have acquired experience with both QuickBooks and Simply Accounting (currently known as Sage 50). QuickBooks was the first of these two products to provide users and developers with the ability to interface with repair shop software applications like Service Attendant and exchange data between both programs.

Service Attendant work order management software offers a QuickBooks interface module that communicates directly with QuickBooks. There is no need to manually export a data file from Service Attendant and then manually import the data file into QuickBooks. This works the same with desktop versions of QuickBooks, whether it is installed locally or on your server, but not work with the on-line edition.

The nice thing about QuickBooks is that they make the technical information available to developers and overall do a great job of supporting 3rd party application interfacing. I wish we could say the same thing about Simply Accounting (Sage 50). We have several customers in Canada that would like to have this option. Recently after, once again, researching the capability and support available from ACCPAC for their Sage 50 product we found they fell a long way short of what would be considered quality offerings. Links found on their own North American websites that were for the purpose of downloading SDK (Software Development Kit) information were not functional and only led to 404 pages. The message presented was somewhat humorous in that it stated "The (first and) second rule of the 404 page is that you don't talk about the 404 page". We couldn't help wondering if it was a subtle gag order.

Using links found on the same page we were able to call and speak with customer service representatives but after going around in circles, with several of their personnel and many minutes of time, it became apparent they were not serious about providing the (freely) offered information we hoped to obtain. Customer service representatives would even point us to the same page/links we had already visited and became annoyed when asked to verify the link's which still proved to be non- functional. There was no suggestion the problem would be corrected and no replies have been received to emails we sent requesting assistance. Is there trouble in paradise?

It appears Simply Accounting (Sage 50) is losing favour in countries like Canada and it may be due to similar experiences customers could be having. At this time we would recommend QuickBooks as the product of choice for small to medium sized businesses who use service management software systems like Service Attendant.

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