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Service Attendant 4.0

This page and screen image links provide a preview of Service Attendant repair shop software.  Built with state-of-the-art time saving features and powerful reports.  Service Attendant is now easier to use, more versatile and more functional.

Screen Views
Repair Tracking Software Screen Views
The program's main menu is shown above - Click on the buttons to view screen shots.
Click here to view Service Work Order, Sales Invoice and Purchase Order documents and more.

Operations Manual



  • Front-end user interface program designed with Microsoft Access 2007
  • Installation program installs its own MS Access Runtime engine
    (MS Access does not need to be installed separately)



  • Three back-end Microsoft Access 2002/2003 databases each with a 2 gigabyte size limit


      JET database connectivity

  • Suitable for single and multi-user systems at one location
  • Economic, reliable
  • No special software required other than Windows XP SP2 or higher O.S.

      SQL Server database connectivity

  • Suitable for multi-user systems that need to share data over a wide geographic area
  • Secure, reliable
  • Requires Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher ("Express" versions available at no charge)


Special Features

  • Floating user interface screens where multiple screens can be opened simultaneously
  • Easier to read user interface, larger fonts, plus resizing based on screen resolution settings
  • Increased field sizes capable of storing more data per record
  • Powerful search functions with wild card (“Approx”) capability
  • “Notes” data screens for situations where large notes are required
  • Password protection control with multiple configurations and activity tracking system
  • Automated Warranty, Non-Wnty, Extended-Wnty and Contract flat labor rate system by model number
  • Appliance repair “Basic”, ”Shop”, “Sealed” and “Exchanged” flat warranty rate system
  • Appliance and electronic repair hourly rate and service call minimum system for non warranty service
  • Automated “Radius” , “Travel Rate” and “Bill To” insertion for warranty repairs
  • Automated Fault and Repair Code list display for updating work order records
  • Automated repair tracking software displays previous work orders during the creation of new records
  • Previous work order detection is also available by “Serial No.” entry (post new record creation)
  • Proof of purchase image documents can be linked to work orders and easily viewed (multi format)
  • Configurable work order data verification system to ensure complete updating of records
  • Improved pre-set printer setup and operation (compared to Service Attendant v3.1)
  • Enhanced sales and work order document printing including receipt printer support
  • 1.25 x 3.5 inch (29 x 89mm) and new 2-5/16 x 4 inch (59 x 101mm) label printing
  • Send to file functions including .pdf, .rtf and .xls formats
  • Email customers with service or sales documents attached
  • “Stock Returns” tracking module with special core return handling features (optional)
  • “Pending Invoices” system now tracks up to 7 invoices per inventory item
  • Parts invoice document images can be linked to PO and Inventory records for easy viewing
  • Service and Sales payment functions with optional X-Charge credit and debit card payment processing
  • Unified reporting of all monetary transactions in Sales and Service repair order systems
  • Postal/zip code database with auto-learn capability
  • Dual tax rate defaults plus variable tax rate insertion capability for other regions

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Repair tracking software for
appliance and electronic service shops


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