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Paperless Operation
Has your business made the switch to paperless operation?

These days it's much easier than it used to be to run a repair shop without paper and there are many reasons why it is not only practical but affordable too. Aside from the cost of paper, printers, ink and filing boxes there are also costs associated with storage, time wasted and the list goes on.

At the entry point of the service process the amount of time spent by staff hand writing the service order and finding information related to previous repairs can be considerable. Then there is the time it takes to distribute documents to various departments and the time for them to recall information from the documents created. When a document is lost there can also be costs related to loss of revenue, loss of customer, loss of reputation, loss of parts or parts credits plus the time wasted searching for the missing paperwork.

In the not so distant past, when a customer needed a repair, most service providers would manually write up the service work order with pen and paper. The quality of information captured on the hand written repair order depended on how well the order writer could write. Not only that but it couldn't show the service history or other information that might have been acquired on a previous repair. Customers often expect repair shops to know details about their previous repairs. I have heard customers say "the product was just repaired for the same problem and should be covered by warranty" even though it was months, or years, since the last service on the item and not even the same problem. Not having the information at your fingertips can mean you are not off to a good start.

Imagine simply entering a phone number, or name, and being able to view the complete history of services you provided to customers plus special notes you recorded when there were other issues relating to the customer's preferences or credit status. Today, repair shop software systems not only increase efficiency when dealing with customers but also offer time savings when it comes to dealing with manufacturers, warranty claim procedures, suppliers and accounting systems. Service and sales data stored in the software system is portable and can be transferred to other systems which eliminates the time spent re-entering data. This also applies to home service where the data can be routed to
technicians in the field who then update the system and complete the service management cycle without the need for other staff to re-enter the data.

The bottom line is there are multiple benefits a service management software system provides that outweigh the costs of employing extra staff to join the paper chase and perform the repetitive duties required to to get the job done and then get paid for the repair. There are not many things you can buy these days that pay for themselves like service management software. It is a modern tool of the trade.

We have specialized in helping companies make the transition to modern service management software systems for many years and know it can seem quite intimidating to service shops, who have relied on the old pen and paper method, to make the transition to using a computer for managing service and other aspects of their business. Let us show you how a business can be better organized and more profitable with the help of Service Attendant repair shop software.

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