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Service Attendant repair shop software supports simultaneous data sharing across local and global networks.

Local Area Networking

Repair Tracking Software Local Area Networking

Computers at a single location share data.
JET database connectivity is recommended. It is easy to setup, requires no special software, is reliable and provides excellant performance. SQL Server connection can also be used for local office networks.

Wide Area (Global) Networking
for remote connectivity and sub depots

Repair Tracking Software Wide Area Networking

Computers at multiple locations share data.
SQL Server connectivity is recommended for it's superior performance but JET database connectivity can also be used. Sub depot licensing is available for locations that need to operate with their own address, contact information and tax rates compared to the head office. Customer/vendor records and inventory are also localized.

With either method of connection, you may need to purchase hardware such as a router, switch, network cabling and possibly network cards if you do not already own this equipment.

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Repair tracking software for appliance and electronic service shops

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