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(Optional module)

The inventory database integrates with Service Attendant's "Sales", "Service" and "Purchase Order" systems. It speeds the processing of parts, improves the accuracy of data entry and provides a record of items that are in stock, were previously purchased, or are currently on order.

Different warehouses can be identified using the "Location" field provided.
Sales of parts can be tracked by both "Group" and "Location" fields.

Features Include

  • Pending invoice tracking up to 7 invoice numbers per part
  • Min/Max parts re-order control
  • Usage Tracking
  • Serial number tracking system
  • Parts sub number cross referencing
  • Invoice document image linking/viewing
  • Multiple sell price points
  • Barcode label printing (requires purchase of barcode fonts)
  • Taxable item control
  • Tracks last invoice and date the item was sold on
  • "Below Minimum", "Total Inventory" and "Serialized Stock #'s" reports.
  • "Transfer" function for moving stock to a different "Location"


An optional "Stock Returns" module is also available for tracking returns and credits for new, defective and core parts.

Barcode scanners are compatible with the program and can be used for inputting stock #, serial # and any data available in barcode format.

Repair shop software for appliance and electronic service shops

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